Client: Buller Wines

Buller Wines approached Design Energy to create a new regional range for the younger, predominately female, wine explorer. Design Energy conceived the brand name “The Nook”, from the phrase “in every nook and cranny”.

Our brand story refers to hidden areas to discover and explore, inviting the consumer to expand their wine curiosity. The imagery represents vineyards scattered throughout Victoria. There are lines, crosses and patchwork to represent the different vineyards. A cluster of “golden” pebbles represents the rich, earthy soil Heathcote is renowned for. Waves and rocks represent the King River in the King Valley. Leaves and organic shapes scatter the label, creating a sense of movement and discovery, adding to the earthiness and regionality of the brand.

Buller Wines have had great acceptance in the market place with this new range. “We have been able to place this brand in boutique liquor outlets that previously the same wines haven’t had access to. The stockists of the old branding have found their sales have increased in volume with the new range”, says Michael Murtagh from Buller Wines.