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Client: Swan Hill Juice Company

Saving the world, one peach at a time. Same Same (but different) Hard Seltzer uses oddly-shaped, Australian grown, sustainably sourced stonefruit.

Design Energy’s strategy behind the brand naming came from the core message – fruit that tastes the same as perfectly round fruit, but is a little bit odd in shape – same same, but different. It’s the oddly-shaped fruit that the supermarkets reject, so by using the fruit for taste and not appearance it reduces waste and makes a positive impact on the planet.

Design Energy created the tone-of-voice to appeal to a younger consumer. The growth of the low calorie segment appeals to all genders.

The messaging has become part of the visual language speaking to the millennial consumer:
• Sustainably sourced Australian “oddly shaped” real stonefruit – you’re welcome!
• Real fruit – Real flavour. (most competitors use fruit essence)
• Proud to be different.
• We’re all beautiful on the inside.

The brand’s messaging of "it’s ok not to be perfect" creates a positive impact for the younger demographic, which is constantly bombarded with unachievable perfection.