Client: Ballyrogan Farm Larder

On a dusty road in the Grampians region of western Victoria, Australia, sits a beautiful two-storey historic house dating back to the 1870’s. It was here that the original Fountainhead Brewery operated. Today the road is called Old Brewery Road and is also the name of this wine range produced by its owners, Ballyrogan Farm Larder.

The brand for this mid-range wine has been created to reference the history of a bygone area by bringing it into the present day.

The wood cut image of the original brewery homestead has been created by artist and printmaker, Martin King. Yes, it’s an actual hand-carved wood cut — carved and hand printed by the artist on an antique printing press built in the same era as the homestead itself. The finished print was scanned, careful to retain the tangible rough carved character and subtle nuances of the original hand-made print.

The background texture was created by scanning a detail of one of Martin’s copper plate etchings. This texture references the old homestead’s aged plastered walls and is printed in various muted colours to differentiate each wine varietal.

The homestead image is printed in a warm dark brown, rather than a conventional black, with the intention of tethering an artisan feel with a contemporary look. The modern typeface follows this idea, chosen to create a dynamic and contemporary counterpoint to the Victorian era history of the building.

Just like the process of traditional printing techniques to create texture and interest, we have used modern printing embellishments for extra impact – the windows of the building have been glazed with a highbuild gloss varnish.

“Lou and I reckon you have absolutely nailed these labels. The colours work really well and the whole look and feel of the labels is perfect for how we are positioning the wine experience at the house. The beauty of the Old Brewery Road label is when people ask where they have visited, they can just show them a bottle – which has to be huge word of mouth marketing for us.” - Mark & Louise McKenzie, Ballyrogan Farm Larder Pty Ltd.