Client: Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate resides on the beautiful banks of the Murray River, where it is home to hundreds of species of native flora and fauna. Leading down to the river is the native garden abundant with wildlife. It is here that the local lorikeets munch on the native Banksia flower.

​The peaceful but colourful aspect of the design has been created to engage an emotive connection with the consumer. The aim was to engage with an export market to open new opportunities in new markets. We set out to create a brand that was quintessential Australian, in a tasteful way – without kangaroos and koalas!

With Trentham Estate’s unique position by the river, our strategy is to create a consistent brand story based on the environment through different story telling chapters. The curved die-cut edge represents the flow of the river and adds to the tranquility of the brand to create a sense of place and added shelf impact.

​The back label has been thoughtfully designed by following through the diecut edge, added wavy lines and an approachable tone-of-voice to connect with the mid range consumer this brand needs to appeal to.