Client: Trentham Estate

In 2004, Trentham Estate brothers Anthony and Patrick Murphy, planted three rows of vines using 52 varieties to mark the entrance of the vineyard. Not only a display vineyard, the three rows of vines are also a valuable resource for viticulture practices. 2021 is the very first vintage of ‘52 & Cloudy’. With a developing interest in unusual, natural and unfiltered wines amongst consumers, Design Energy created a brand that invites intrigue for this unconventional wine.

The 52 hand-made, inky splotches represent each varietal running around the label in three rows, just like the vineyard planting. The splotches not only represent the artisan style of wine making, but the idea of developing the wines in the lab during the wine making process – testing for colour and intensity.

Design Energy created the name based on the amount of varietals and the nature of the wine – unfiltered, low-intervention, skin contact, juicy and cloudy. The paper stock was chosen to create a watercolour paper effect as though the splotches have been created for every individual label produced.

As the consumer begins to pour the contents of the bottle, the list of the wine varietals and the rows they are planted in is revealed. This creates an interactive experience around the dinner table for guests to discover and discuss, creating a conversation around the brand, strengthening it beyond that moment. The branded QR code added to the top of cap links to the website to enable to consumer to explore the story in detail.